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Coco is 2 months!

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I sit here and reflect on the last two months of our new life:  bliss, chaos, adoration, stress, exhaustion.  There are days when I feel like I’m conquering the world, and then there are days where I feel like I’m drowning and would prefer to crawl into a hole.  This is all motherhood, life with two, life on no sleep, yet a new life that’s now more complete than I could have ever imagined it.  During my pregnancy, I couldn’t envision life with two girls.  Honestly, I was scared more than I was excited.  But as soon as Charlotte joined our family, all my nervous thoughts went away and now we have what I believe is perfection.  Our perfection.

We smile all day long, coo, have conversations, give smooches, and more.  Here’s little Coco in all her chubby sweetness over the weekend as she turned two months.  Can’t believe it and will hold these moments in my mind and heart for forever. XO

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