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Hey ya’ll!  Today is the BIG day!  My site is LIVE and ready for you to visit often, read, hopefully enjoy, and get inspired!  This blog isn’t just to display my art, but to make you smile, help you dream, and maybe even interest you in picking up a camera yourself!  Here you will find topics that may interest you, things you’ll want to learn about, and more.   I wanted a place to promote creativity, ignite that spark in each of YOU, and a place to put all my thoughts, besides Facebook!

I’m a mom, an exercise junkie, a cupcake lover, a paper hoarder, a food junkie, and, my favorite of course–a photog!!!  Photography is one of my truest loves.  I’ve always had a camera in my hand, even as a young teenager–my eighth grade trip to D.C., historian with my BFF for our youth group, and a trip to San Francisco with a visit to Alcatraz where I spent hours photographing botanicals, historic buildings, windows and more (just to name a few!).

In early 2010, prior to giving birth to my sweet daughter Mia, I impressed upon my husband how important it was I have an DSLR camera—I was ready to capture every second of my little girl’s life, and I did with hundreds of photos a month.  When it came time to choose a photographer for Mia’s birthdays and during holiday seasons, I spent countless hours looking at photo after photo and blog after blog—I loved what I saw and wanted to create those images of my daughter myself.

After some time I realized I CAN DO THIS—I can take these pictures for myself, and I can take these pictures for you.  With a little nudge from some dear friends, I took the plunge in November last year and am so thankful I listened to them.  Lots of hard work, sleepless nights, patience, a little paper, and a little heart—-and TADA!!!!  PAPERHEARTS is a business I dreamed of and can’t believe it’s finally a reality.  My passions, my art, my place is here and now I can share it all with you.  I hope you’ll visit often and comment a lot!  Besos to my hubby, my family, my awesome Uncle Jimmy (I seriously couldn’t have done any of this without you!!), and my friends for that tender push to get this gig going (you know who you are!)—I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Enjoy. XOXO

Thanks to Myles Rose for getting this thang going, and to Jennifer Rosenzweig for creating the Ps and hearts for my yummy treats.  xo




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