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In the last two weeks, since Mia has turned 5, several people have asked me how old my eldest is.  “Five,” I respond.  Five.  Five.  How in the world is this kid five?  I repeat it in my head over and over and am still in disbelief.  My kiddo is five.  Half a decade.  All the fingers on one hand.  Half of ten.  Five.

Mia seems “bigger” to me now–older, smarter, sassier, and full of wit.  Something has changed in her and for the better.  I see a mature gal, prepping for her entrance into kindergarten at a new school.  I see a gal meeting new friends in camp.  I see a gal experiencing new things without having to hold my hand through it.  This is big.  BIG.  She’s all grown up—well, not really, but ya get it.  She’s all grown up to me.  Someone slow down this mean ole clock for me, please?
Lots of pics below—I love her face in all of them—was SO difficult to choose.  Enjoy my BIG girl.

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