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Dear Mia,

HOLY COW.  A 10-year-old?  I don’t believe it.  It sounds SO old!  I have been trying to process all that’s been on our plate lately–school ending early, quarantine, Covid-19, and now you becoming a decade old.  You’ve handled all this like a champ.  We had some bumps at the beginning, but you pulled through, demonstrating your independence, resilience, and honesty, and more.  Yes, you’ve missed your two incredible teachers beyond words and yes, you had to spend way more time with your sister than you’d like to, but WOW.  You did it.  And just two days ago you began your own camp for Charlotte and her friend–you sat down, planned, pulled materials together, and led the girls like a real camp counselor.  You’re becoming quite the tween, a tiny teacher (like your mama!)!  In addition, I’ve noticed you enter conversations with adults without hesitation, where as before you’d stand next to me and wait patiently for me to finish chatting.  Your confidence is blooming.

Over the course of the last year, you’ve developed a love for a new sport–tennis!  You can began lessons, and right away, we saw you had some skills!  You’ve decided to say adios to dance for a while (tear tear), and make tennis your “thing” for the near future.

You’re really growing up, Mia!  I wish time would slow down.

I can say today, without a doubt, this WILL be your BEST birthday yet!  We’ve planned so many surprises and fun things for you–I think you’ll be really happy!

Mia, you are a kind, generous, caring, mature, and engaging gal with a huge heart.  I wish for you a new decade full of heart, sunny skies, big hugs, laughter, lots of tennis, good health, and most importantly, love for yourself, who you are, and all those around you.  Keep working hard and playing hard—only good things are coming your way!

Hope you’ll always cherish these images we took to celebrate your “TEN”nis DOUBLE DIGIT birthday!

Love always,


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