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25 Things My Daughter Should Know about Girlfriends

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Sunday is National Friendship Day, and as a mother of a daughter, I am always reflecting on my relationships with my friends as well as hers.  I decided to create a list of the top 25 things I want my little one to know about girlfriends.  Here goes!
1.  Girlfriends come in ALL colors and shapes.  Don’t be picky.  You might miss out.
2.  Be honest to your girlfriends, but to yourself too.
3.  Girlfriends help shape who we are in good and bad ways.  Learn to separate.
4.  Find good intentions in the things they do; forget the bad.
5.  Girlfriends are your cheerleaders.  The best ones make you feel like you can do anything.
6.  When you are older, you may not see your childhood girlfriends as often, but don’t let go.  They’ll always be yours and you’ll be theirs.
7.  When you feel like you’ve gone crazy and lost your mind, your girlfriends will be there to remind you that you are normal and sane.
8.  In a world where technology keeps changing, use your phone to call your friends, not just text.  Your voice is one of your best tools.
9.  Give all of yourself to your friends but never expect anything in return.
10.  Compliment your friends.  Make them feel good.
11.  Your girlfriends will understand you like no one else can.
12.  Don’t be afraid to cry in front of your gals.  Their job is to listen and at times, cry with you.
13.  Girlfriends do not judge you.
14.  Say, “I am sorry”—there will be times when you make mistakes—you’re human.
15.  Don’t compare your life to your friends’.  You were created beautifully but differently.
16.  Love often and show it.
17.  True girlfriends treat you kindly.  They wish you success and offer support.
18.  Travel with your friends—you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.
19. Don’t forget and they won’t either.
20.  Always make room in your life for new friends.
21.  Girlfriends can sometimes be complicated and create challenges for us.  These challenges are blessings and use them to learn more about yourself and them.
22.  Some girls can be mean–learn to walk away.
23.  Laugh a lot—laugh so hard it hurts.
24.  Our girlfriends can be our coaches and teachers too.
25.  The greatest gift you can give to your girlfriend is YOU.

Thanks to all my special friends—you know who you are—for your continuous friendship, mommy support, love, and strength. XO


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