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Shout out to the Moms!

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Okay so we’ve spent ALL summer, and I mean ALLLLLL summer learning how to sleep in our “big girl bed” at our house….Mia moved into her new room in June after jumping out of her crib on four occasions, hysterical for “mommy” each time.  The separation anxiety has been out of control to say the least.  And we have done it all to help the issue—laying in the bed, laying next to the bed, sitting in a chair near the bed, rewards, sticker charts, trips to the library, Dora movies–my idea tank has runneth out and at a great time because the last few nights, we slept!  YAY, Mia!  After eight long weeks of living in Mommy Fog, where I sleep never, remember nothing and frankly would give anything to sleep just 6 hours straight, I think we are finally getting somewhere!  PHEW!  I thought I’d never see the light.  (Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself!!!)

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So this post is a SHOUT OUT TO ALL MOMS who don’t sleep, forget to eat, have laundry piles sky high, secretly eat chocolate from their hidden stash in the pantry, feel like they live at the grocery store, run on empty, yet still love with everything they have ALL THE TIME.  Getting through transitions is tough and sometimes we need pushes and pats on the back to survive them. Thanks to my mommy friends who have listened to me complain and cry over the last two months.  You deserve a medal. XO

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