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Cha Cha is 4!

August 3, 2018

Dear Charlotte,

How it possible that tomorrow you are 4!!!!  Your Daddy and I were just talking about how you’re the age Mia was when when you were born.  Time is going WAY too fast—if only we could slow things down.  I really never thought you’d leave the toddler stage–those baby cheeks were my fav!

Four years ago tomorrow you entered this world with dark hair and gray eyes.  By 9 months old, you had strawberry blonde hair, so we for sure thought you’d have red hair like your Poppy and Momo.  But sure enough, that red hair turned blonde—–the blondest hair I ever did see!  We’re still scratching our heads, trying to figure out where you came from. 🙂  But you do look like your Papa and Mommy (we think), so I guess you really are mine after all!

Char, you’ve grown up so much over the last year in many ways.  You are talking non-stop, you’re a true showman, you love ballet, and enjoy taking care of your baby Peaches Elena.  You have a strong motherly instinct and show great concern for others when they’re hurt.  You idolize your big sis and want to do whatever she is doing.  You enjoy books and singing songs.  Your thirst for excitement and knowledge makes me smile.  And your kindness and genteel character are beyond.

We kicked off your birthday celebration last week with a Pinkalicious photo shoot!  Thanks to Esther Freedman with Cuteheads for creating the perfect and softest dress for Char to wear!  She loves it!

Charlotte, we love to the moon and back, little girl.  May your fourth year be one full of good health, love, and happiness.


P.S. If anyone is interested in a customized birthday shoot for their kiddo, holler!  These are SO much fun and simple to do!

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