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Creating a Gallery Wall

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Gallery walls are one of my favorite ways to decorate—I have three in my home!  They are the perfect way to decorate a nursery, a hallway, or stairwell.  As many of you know, my daughter moved into her “big-girl” room a few months ago.  To finish her space, I wanted to begin her own gallery around her headboard using items representing who she is.  Creating your own gallery wall is quite simple.  Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Choose your style for your gallery.  Do you want to mix it up, creating an eclectic look?  Are you looking to display a collection, for example floral prints or sea shells?  Maybe you want to create a gallery with just mirrors.  Whatever you choose, there’s no right or wrong–that’s why this is so simple!  Mia’s room is pink and white with turquoise accents–a mix of contemporary and vintage–so I decided mix it up for her space.
  2. Begin collecting the items to place in your gallery.  Try to choose items that have meaning, are personal, or remind you of loved ones. For my own, I chose to use printed phrases that are meaningful in our family, Mia’s silhouette, some of her art, a selection of wrapping paper, and photos.
  3. Choose frames that work together.  Frames can match in color or shape, or they can vary.  It’s entirely up to you.   I decided to use all white frames, mostly straight edges, one style more French country.  I’m still on the hunt for some others, but the ones I have are a good start!  In addition, gallery walls do not have to be expensive.  I purchased most of mine at the penny sale at Aaron Bros.  Ikea has fantastic options at crazy cheap prices, and Hobby Lobby runs a half-off sale on their frames every other week.  So you don’t need to break the bank to do this!
  4. Frame your items, and it’s time to hang!  Find some floor space large enough to lay your frames down, starting the process for designing the layout for your gallery.  I prefer to keep the art two to three inches apart.  But of course, this decision is up to you and how much room you have.  Your design can be symmetrical, or not—again, your creation!  Here is a link to some ideas.  Pinterest is another incredible reference.  Search “gallery walls” and the ideas are endless!

Below  is Mia’s gallery wall.  We aren’t done quite yet—I am on the prowl for a few more frames that differ in texture and shape.  I plan to use one of my husband’s pocket squares amongst other things.  Hope this inspires you to create your own gallery wall at home!  Next project:  photographing delights from a nearby Farmers’ Market for my breakfast room—-can’t wait!

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