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happy half birthday to my little!

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Dear Mia,

Today you turn 3 1/2.  I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since your third birthday in June.  You’re an actress—quite dramatic, you’re a lover—always showering us with “kisses and hugs,” you’re funny, even laughing at your own jokes, and an amazing friend.  You care and have a soul much older than 3 1/2.  You understand humor beyond your years and can understand things that frankly shock me.  You love to draw and I love hearing what you have to say about your work.  Your hugs are so tight and warm, they put smiles in my heart.  You’re attached to this mommy’s hip which reminds me of myself as a little person.  Your pretend play amazes me—your stores, how you bounce your baby dolls acting as their mommy, your tea parties.  You love to cook (hopefully you’ll be better at it than me!).  You’re thoughtful, offering to help me randomly when I really don’t need it.  You’re quite polite for a little one.  You tell me you love me multiple times a day which makes me so proud.  And most of all, you are the BEST thing that has ever happened to your mommy and daddy.  We love you SO much!  Happy half birthday, sweet girl!  You bring incredible warmth, joy, and giggles to our lives every day!




Celebrations with birthday waffles and a Dora cake, of course (half-sized)!

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