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KIWI CRATE: Best Birthday Gift for Preschoolers and School-Aged Children

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Each year for my daughter’s birthday, I make a list of gifts I want to get her.  This year items included were a ballet bag, some new puzzles, a dollhouse, things for her new room.  But my sisters took the cake on this deal.  Kiwi Crate?  Have you heard of it?  It’s a kit you receive each month (depending on how it’s ordered) perfectly packaged, designed for kiddos to be inspired and create two to three projects.  So far we’ve received two kits.  The first had a nature theme–create your own lantern, go on a nature hunt–so much fun.  The second was called Water Wonders and it came complete with a science experiment, how to make your own floating sailboat, and materials to watercolor sea animals.  My Little chose the watercoloring to start of course.  Here she is hard at work.

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I am a paper girl and sort of obsess with how things are packaged, the graphic design, etc—so Kiwi Crate wins my approval on so many levels!  Each kit is more than kid-friendly, simple, and fully-equiped.  I can’t imagine that teachers weren’t behind the creation of this company—it’s AWESOME!  Check out their website and let me know what you think.  XOXO


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