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Mia is 6!

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June 10, 2010.  Mia was born on a Thursday afternoon just a week before my thirtieth birthday.  I remember leaving to the hospital, my hospital room, even what I wore.  Seems like just yesterday.  I yearn to hold my little girl again in my arms, rocking her and kissing her head full of thick, black hair.

Today she turns 6, a year closer to a decade of life, a year into elementary school, another year of health, love, learning, and growth.  Mia is a beautiful yet tough, strong-willed yet gentle, bold yet tender young lady who enjoys all that life gives her.  She can have energy for days, but still retreat and enjoy her quiet time.

I knew she was “old” when I overheard her tell her friend this week, “Don’t cry at camp today, okay?  Grown-ups come back (as quoted from the famous “Daniel Tiger” TV show)!” 🙂   HUH?  My little girl who cried nearly everyday at drop-off during her preschool years was giving advice on coping with separation anxiety—a testimony to her growth and maturity.

I miss my girl’s tiny youth, yet look forward to what her sixth year brings her.   She’s my heart.

Enjoy these images for her six-year-sesh together.  XO
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