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Charlotte is 2!

Charlotte.  Char.  Shashie.  ShaSha.  Cutie (as Mia calls you).  Monkey Tush (as your Daddy calls you).  You are the light in our day, the laughter in our hearts, the joy in our world.

Two years ago today you arrived in this world with beautiful blue eyes and dark brown hair.  Today, your eyes are the brightest of blues and your hair the most beautiful blonde (how on earth do I have a blonde babe!?).  The last two years you have brought us tons of laughter and joy.

You wake every morning with a bird’s nest in your hair that I am forced to detangle and blow dry.  People tell me on a daily basis how beautiful your smile is.  You even made an old man stop in his tracks once!  You love to eat—salad, lamb chops, chicken, cupcakes, and everything in between.  You are a kisser and a hugger, squeezing your sister til she’s blue.  Your current favorite book is Goodnight Moon in which you read so beautifully.  “Shake it Off” is your favorite song, and wow, can you shake it!  But boy, even with all your smiles, you can be TROUBLE!  You love to color on the walls, the furniture, and even your body.  Our home is in major need of new paint!  You’re a hitter and a biter along with a tenacious personality. But even with all that, we couldn’t love you more.

Your arrival two years ago completed our little family, bringing more sunshine to us than we could imagine.  This year has been a challenge for all of us as a family watching Papa’s battle.  We have all relied on your smile to keep us above water.  We love you little Shashie more than anything.  This year we are celebrating flamingo-style.  Happy 2nd birthday, sweet girl. XO

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