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Mia’s Many Faces

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Mommies and daddies of all preschoolers, raise your hands!  Yes, that’s you—the parent of the defiant, strong-willed, independent, sassy, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer, corrects you when you’re wrong, the choices given are never the right ones, and the new one—LYING child!  What!?  Why is my little girl not telling me the truth!  They call the 3s, the “trying 3s” for a reason I guess. Yesterday, my daughter said, “Mommy, you ask too many questions.  And you’re asking the same ones over and over.”  SERIOUSLY!?

I love my Mia more than anything and think she’s pretty awesome, but sometimes, she really gives me a run for my money.  When I asked my mom to describe me as a little girl?  Her answer, “Nothing like Mia!  You were quiet, calm….”  HA!  These aren’t words I’d use to describe my Little.  No matter how crazy she makes me sometimes, she’s still pretty rockin’ amazing though!!!!!  I see a future leader here!  My hearts bursts with pride and love every time I hug, kiss, talk, and play with her.

Honestly, I’d guess I really wouldn’t have my Mia any other way.  Often I have my camera in hand, attempting photos of her—-she always gives me 100 different faces—-she knows it drives me crazy.  Her different faces though remind me of all her little personalities wrapped up into one little “spirited” munchkin.  Here’s some of Mia’s many faces.  XOXO

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