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Papa turns 70!

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I can’t believe it—–my dad turned 70 a couple weeks ago—never thought that day would come.  I mean, 70 is kind of old, right?  Well, I guess it’s not OLD OLD, but it’s up there (sorry, Dad!).

When brainstorming a gift idea from Mia for her Papa, I knew I wanted something special, maybe handmade, maybe something with humor—-but then I thought of doing something fun with a mustache.  If you know my dad, you know that he’s really almost never been without….I can only remember him having a beard at one point, but still sported that mustache!  It’s his thang—his mojo—sort of his signature.  He wouldn’t be my dad without it!!!!  And he certainly wouldn’t be Papa without it either!  So here’s Mia sporting Papa’s look—-pretty stinkin’ yummy!  And boy did these images warm Papa’s heart….check out her birthday sign too. XOXO!

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