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Viva El Paso!

So a couple months ago I decided to book a flight for my Little and myself to visit my hometown of El Paso.  My parents still live there and we have not visited in almost two years—since Mia learned to walk!  So as my mom and I chatted over the last couple weeks, she began to prepare for our visit—making plans, grocery lists, and searching for anything Dora.  I honestly was a bit concerned about the trip—El Paso isn’t full of child-friendly activities like Houston, so I had no idea how we’d occupy our time.  I worried Mia would quickly get bored and want to come home.

From the moment we arrived last Wednesday all my worries went away.   My mom picked us up and as soon as we walked in the door she was quick to show my daughter all of the Dora items she purchased: a plate, silverware, cups, dolls—she had it all!  My parents wanted to be sure Mia was more than content in their home.  My mom also went to all the trouble to dig up old toys she had saved from my childhood—our old buggy, my sister’s little pink suitcase, Barbie clothes, the first book I read aloud, and more.   Mia swam, picked tomatoes (her favorite fruit) from my mom’s garden, shopped, went to the park, swam some more, and napped like a champ.

Mom and Dad, I can’t thank you enough for a beautiful visit.  I feel terrible it’s been so long since we’ve been home, but I’m hoping the visit made up for it!  Mia and I both appreciate your efforts in making our visit special and we can’t wait to come again–just us girls!  You are wonderful grandparents—Mia is so blessed.  We made some special memories last week that won’t be forgetten—love ya’ll both to bits!  And so does Mia. She’s already asking, “When are we going to El Paso?!”  XOXO

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